Elderflower-lemon is the combination of the moment

 elderflower drizzle cake

Ever since the flavors for the royal wedding cake (baked by Claire Ptak) were announced, social media posts have been buzzing about the combination of elderflower and lemon. Bakeries across the US quickly jumped on the bandwagon, and hundreds of posts on Instagram were tagged with #lemonelderflowercake or #lemonelderflower.

Elderflower has never become as popular in the US as it is in the UK, but that might change now. It isn’t just bakeries that are discovering this harmonious pairing – bars are also using elderflower cordials and syrups in cocktails. The most popular brand of elderflower cordial in the US is St. Germain, although if you dig around you may be able to find other brands. 

There’s no doubt that thousands of this season’s wedding cakes will be featuring this delightful pairing. A quick perusal of the EYB Library shows that lemon and elderflower together have been gracing cakes long before the royal wedding, including the Lemon & elderflower drizzle cake from Daisy and the Fox by Nigella Lawson, pictured above. The combination can also be found in other sweets and even a salad or two, such as Leeks, goat’s cheese and spelt salad with lemon and elderflower from Diana Henry. 

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  • inflytur  on  May 26, 2018

    Brighten a gin and tonic with a bit of elderflower cordial. You’ll be hooked.
    I but bottles of elderflower syrup at IKEA to add to plain carbonated water. It is so refreshing.

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