Mary Berry’s arrest story

Mary Berry

Mary Berry’s fans are legion. She is one of the main reasons The Great British Bake Off became such a phenomenal success, and her new program is likely to be an instant hit as well. There is one thing her admirers may not know about the 83-year-old, however – she was once arrested at an airport.

It happened about 25 years ago, when Berry was traveling to the United States for a cooking demonstration. Worried about the availability of the proper ingredients, Berry decided to take them with her. She weighed out portions of flour, sugar, and other items and placed them in small plastic bags. 

Apparently the contents of the little baggies raised caused the airport ‘sniffer’ dogs to make a beeline to her suitcase. Security personnel whisked Berry and her assistant into separate rooms to question them about the items. In the end, everyone had a good laugh and Berry walked away with a funny story to share.

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