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Thanks to the hard work of both our professional and Member indexers, we have achieved another milestone at Eat Your Books – over 1.5 million indexed recipes! When we break down that impressive figure, we find over 1.2 million recipes from cookbooks; over 151,000 magazine recipes; and nearly 250,000 online recipes, including about 4,600 video recipes. Over 400,000 recipes (including book recipes and online recipes) have been indexed by EYB Members – thank you so much for your efforts. 

A deeper dive into the data reveals that about half of the recipes are associated with a specific ethnicity, with European countries accounting for the biggest share. You can find a recipe from almost every country or culture on the planet. Somewhat surprising to me was that were one and half times the number of Italian recipes as French recipes. Another interesting tidbit: nearly one-third of the recipes in the Library are vegetarian, and over 10 percent are vegan.

This staggering number of options can result in decision paralysis, which is why I am glad there are loads of ways to filter the list – by ingredient, recipe type, meal course, ethnicity, author, and more. The only disappointing thing about this incredible selection is that since the average person eats about 90,000 meals in a lifetime, I will only be able to sample a fraction of the delicious recipes on the site. Eat Your Books is indeed a bountiful resource – happy cooking, everyone!

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  • Jenny  on  June 21, 2017


  • e_ballad  on  June 22, 2017

    This is a fantastic achievement – congratulations! The most exciting thing about this was finding out how many meals the average person eats over their lifetime: with 60,000-odd recipes on my bookshelf currently, I think this justifies the purchase of more cookbooks to reach the 90,000 mark!!!

  • Tweety134  on  June 22, 2017

    Congratulations to all! This is a great site! Love it!

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