Cookbook Giveaway – Scraps, Wilt + Weeds

Scraps, Wilt & Weeds: Turning Wasted Food into Plenty by Mads Refslund and Tama Matsuoka Wong embraces the no-scrap-left- behind trend with recipes that will surprise and excite you.

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We are pleased to offer three copies of this title to our EYB Members in the US and Canada.

One of the entry options is to answer the following question in the comments section of this blog post:

What recipe from the index would you try first?

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  • cora429  on  March 23, 2017

    I like anything that is cooked with beets and their greens, so I would try all of the beet recipes.

  • MelMM  on  March 23, 2017

    So many from this book… overripe bananas and coffee grounds? I'm all ears. All the beet recipes, radish recipes.

  • IslandgirlOK  on  March 23, 2017

    Pumpkin flour ravioli with shaved chestnuts & roasted pumpkin seeds

  • Siegal  on  March 23, 2017

    Fennel pesto sounds yum

  • Nancith  on  March 23, 2017

    the Cauliflower core, leaves & Brie would be fantastic; I have always hated throwing all of that cauliflower in the compost.

  • sgump  on  March 23, 2017

    I'd try the carrot top pesto–I've never done anything productive with carrot tops and would love to try.

  • jr0717  on  March 23, 2017

    The cauliflower core cacao e pepe – even though the whole index looks tempting! This is how I cook anyhow, and the index is a trove of inspiration in itself!

  • maestra  on  March 23, 2017

    Several ideas on page 6 of the index made me want to start prepping and cooking right now. I would start with Coffee-grounds-and-salt-baked sunchokes (oh, I wish I could have thought of that!) and also put up a batch of chamomile whiskey for a an old-fashioned down the road. I've been wanting a reason to stop and pick some of this spring's fragrant chamomile flowers, which I would use instead of tea.

  • tangaloor  on  March 23, 2017

    Spruce needle marshmallows. Though spruce needles aren't the sort of thing I waste regularly.

  • AnnaZed  on  March 24, 2017

    I want to make Marinated beet tops & stems (page 20)
    from Scraps, Wilt & Weeds: Turning Wasted Food into Plenty by Mads Refslund and Tama Matsuoka Wong

  • southerncooker  on  March 24, 2017

    Apple tea sounds interesting.

  • meggan  on  March 24, 2017

    Pumpkin flour ravioli with shaved chestnuts & roasted pumpkin seeds

  • DFed  on  March 24, 2017

    It's the first recipe listed, but I love beet greens: Beet Top & Stem Salsa – it sounds interesting with the blueberries!

  • monique.potel  on  March 24, 2017

    i am really intrigued by the concept of using peels and adding a layer of flavor so i would try Pumpkin skin powder

  • nexttotheblues  on  March 24, 2017

    Roasted ugly garlic!

  • skipeterson  on  March 24, 2017

    Cabbage cores & leaves in broken-rice risotto. Love risotto, especially roasted cauliflower so this recipe might point to a way to use cauliflower cores and leaves.

  • lgroom  on  March 24, 2017

    I think beet tops are better than spinach or swiss chard. I love a platter of them. So any of the beet top recipes sound great to me.

  • gjelizabeth  on  March 24, 2017

    I'm not sure if I'd cook it first, but the first one I want to read is Carrot "Raisins".

  • ellencooks  on  March 24, 2017

    I want to make celery scrap pesto!

  • rrwrites  on  March 24, 2017

    butter glazed celery tops

  • Karla123  on  March 25, 2017

    I would happily try the "Panzanella!"

  • edyenicole  on  March 25, 2017

    I like the beet top & stem salsa.

  • auntietina  on  March 25, 2017

    Beet Chili Sauce.
    So many questions, but I think it could be fantastic!

  • AnnaZed  on  March 26, 2017

    I want to make Broccoli stems with lardo & fresh coriander seeds (page 32) from Scraps, Wilt & Weeds: Turning Wasted Food into Plenty by Mads Refslund and Tama Matsuoka Wong

  • Auntnanny  on  March 26, 2017

    Oh celery scrap pesto. I use every single bit if the celery

  • hippiechick1955  on  March 27, 2017

    Oh definitely Cauliflower Steak first.

  • exploringfood  on  March 27, 2017

    Spruce powder. Followed by Spruce Sugar Cookies and then Savory Pancakes.

  • lebarron2001  on  March 28, 2017

    Winter Stuffed Cabbage

  • rstaudt  on  March 28, 2017

    It bothers me to throw away coffee grounds every morning when they still smell so wonderful, so my first choice(s) would definitely be the coffee grounds panna cotta or the coffee grounds ice cream.

  • sarahawker  on  March 29, 2017

    Beet Pulp Powder

  • fiarose  on  March 29, 2017

    coffee ground and salt baked sunchokes–how cool!

  • Julia  on  March 29, 2017

    Butter Glazed Celery Bottoms.

  • Scotsman61  on  March 29, 2017

    Pumpkin flour ravioli with shaved chestnuts & roasted pumpkin seeds

  • lindaeatsherbooks  on  March 30, 2017

    I want to try making the Cabbage stem salad with buttermilk-horseradish dressing because it sounds so different.

  • kennethjohngilmour  on  March 30, 2017

    the fire-roasted beets on page 25

  • cocecitycook  on  March 30, 2017

    All of the beet recipes sound yummy!

  • Lafauvette  on  March 30, 2017

    carrot top pesto

  • thewoobdog  on  March 30, 2017

    I think I'd have to try the Rice Pudding first. Mmmmm.

  • Katiefayhutson  on  March 31, 2017

    Fire roasted beets

  • tlturner  on  March 31, 2017

    Used grapefruit gin & tonic sounds delightful!

  • bcarpenter  on  April 2, 2017

    broccoli stems with lardo and coriander seeds

  • Aproporpoise  on  April 3, 2017

    Oh man, the Coffee Grounds biscotti!

  • Uhmandanicole  on  April 4, 2017

    Beet pulp crepes

  • t.t  on  April 8, 2017

    Carrot top pesto

  • ltsuk  on  April 8, 2017

    quick pickled cabbage

  • talieUS  on  April 8, 2017

    I want to test this Pork ribs with overripe-pear barbecue sauce

  • DarcyVaughn  on  April 10, 2017

    Radish scraps chimichurri

  • jim.windle  on  April 14, 2017

    Love lardo, and Broccoli stems with lardo and fresh coriander seeds sound great.

  • Littlebirdchoc  on  April 14, 2017

    OMG – the Smoky potato scrap broth with potato noodles sounds INCREDIBLE!!

  • trudys_person  on  April 14, 2017

    Coffee grounds biscotti sounds interesting …

  • debbyg  on  April 14, 2017

    I'd love to try the fallen fruit dessert!

  • Julia  on  April 15, 2017

    Cabbage stem salad with buttermilk horseradish dressing.

  • BookGal  on  April 15, 2017

    Carrot top pesto.

  • RSW  on  April 15, 2017


  • Aproporpoise  on  April 15, 2017

    The flat beer jelly!

  • JanScholl  on  April 18, 2017

    Wilted chard chips

  • mph993  on  April 20, 2017

    I think I'd try something with spruce noodles, starting with the spruce needle syrup.

  • pandapotamus  on  April 20, 2017

    Pumpkin flour ravioli!

  • imaluckyducky  on  April 21, 2017

    Coffee grounds biscotti

  • AmyS  on  April 27, 2017

    Citrus salt

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