Pairing whisky with food

lasantaWe’ve long been familiar with wine pairings on menus, and in recent years beer pairings have become commonplace as well. Now chef Marcus Samuelsson is adding another category: pairing food with Scotch whisky.

Working with iconic distiller Glenmorangie, Samuelsson brings his knack of blending different cultures and cuisines to bear on pairing foods with spirits. In his year-long partnership with the distiller, he’s developed ten whisky and culinary matchups. When looking to pair flavors with the richness of a single malt Scotch, Samuelsson avoids heavy meats, turning instead to salmon.  “Glenmorangie is situated on the ocean, so this idea of pairing it with a little heat and salmon, for example, I think is a very very good fit,” he says.

The chef feels certain types of Scotch, like Glenmorangie’s Lasanta, which is finished in spent sherry casks, can pair well with sweet foods. Samuelsson goes on to explain how the spice levels of different cuisines can be handled to match well with Scotch whisky without either’s flavor profiles dominating the conversation.

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