Is Sunday your cooking project day?

frozen yogurt 

Scrolling through my Twitter feed today, I couldn’t help but notice how many tweets were a variation of the phrase ‘Sunday project: recipe name‘. Smitten Kitchen said a rainy Sunday was the perfect day for making chocolate babka, while Serious Eats implored me to take on homemade frozen yogurt (pictured above) for a Sunday project.

For those who work a regular Monday-Friday job, Sunday is the perfect day to enjoy a leisurely day in the kitchen. Saturday is usually filled with housecleaning and errand-running, but on Sunday we can sometimes catch our breath and turn to our favorite pastimes.

Projects that require a lot of resting time, like breads and pastries, are perfect for a Sunday afternoon, especially in the colder months when we don’t really want to go outside and the oven’s warmth is appreciated. So too are long braises and stews, although we often swap out the slow cooker during the summer so we don’t heat up the kitchen.

I frequently set aside Sunday evening for baking a cake or batch of cookies, which I will take to my coworkers on Monday as a treat to brace us for the long work week ahead. (This also keeps me from eating all of it by myself.) Is Sunday your cooking project day, and if so, what do you most enjoy making?

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