The year’s top recipes

Cheesy hasselback potato gratin

As we look back at 2015, we can see the trends that have shaped the way we eat. Lists of the most popular books and recipes are popping up all around. While we wait for the ultimate list of the year’s best cookbooks, let’s take a little time to do a roundup of the most popular recipes that were in those books, as well as in newspapers and magazines.

The New York Times has compiled their most popular recipes for 2015, as defined by those that readers most often saved on their site. In addition to the the overall rankings, the Times has lists of top recipes by category, including the top chicken recipes and the most popular pasta recipes. One of their top picks is the Cheesy hasselback potato gratin pictured above.

Indexed magazine Bon Appetit likewise has assembled their top recipes of the year, determined by the number of clicks. The recipes range from appetizers to desserts and everything in between. One of their top hits was the twice fried Porterhouse steak, which created plenty of buzz on social media. Instead of simply grilling and eating, this recipe takes you through over 10 steps that include freezing, roasting, basting, resting, and frying. It’s a commitment but those who have made it rave about the outcome.

Food & Wine took a slightly different approach, listing the best recipes from the magazine’s Best New Chefs. As you might expect from chefs, these recipes range a bit farther afield than others. Top recipes included the intriguing Ajo blanco with crab and green grapes and a riff on a classic cocktail, Long Island iced coffee.

Turning to the EYB Library, we can view the magazine recipes that have received the most buzz this year. This list shows that EYB Members have quite varied appetites. We see everything from Yucatán-style shredded pork tacos with achiote (Cochinita pibil tacos) from Saveur to Tuscan sausage and white bean stew from Waitrose Kitchen Magazine to Orange & polenta cake from Jamie Magazine.

Which recipes did you enjoy the most this year?

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