New ways to get your foodie fix

Facebook Food & @TwitterFood

Can’t find enough online sources to get your foodie fix? While that’s an unlikely scenario, both Facebook and Twitter have recently created new feeds that deal exclusively with food. Twitter announced its new feed on April 29.  The site’s announcement noted that the obvious:  “There are many thousands of food-related Tweets people send on Twitter each day – Tweets about meals, ingredients, favorites, recipes and dining experiences.” Apparently this prompted Twitter to “join the conversation” with @TwitterFood. 

Not to be outdone, Facebook also joined the foodie fray with its new page. Promoting the new Facebook Food is none other than Mario Batali, who must have endless energy as he adds another job to his already lengthy résumé. The Facebook page features links from your favorite websites, as well as guest chef “takeovers.” The current takeover is by Alex Guarnaschelli

What do you think – will you be subscribing to either of the two new feeds? Or do you feel you already have enough to keep track of on social media?

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