Chef Jason Atherton on cooking at home

Jason Atherton

Jason Atherton‘s pedigree is impressive: Gordon Ramsay’s Maze, El Bulli, his own London restaurants, and outposts in Hong Kong and Singapore. While these establishments feature complex foods, the Michelin-starred chef has a simple philosophy when it comes to cooking at home. In an interview with The Wall Street Journal, Chef Atherton describes his views on seasonal food, what he considers essential ingredients, and how he uses his favorite cookbooks. 

Not surprisingly from the author of a book called Social Suppers, at home, the social aspects of cooking are important to Atherton. “You have to think about the logical reasons someone wants to go for dinner-it is to spend time with someone,” he says. His philosophy is to keep things uncomplicated and not to stress over the food. Even though he is involved with food all day long, he enjoys coming home and cooking for his family. “I don’t for a minute think it’s a chore to get creative in the kitchen when I come home.”

While he is an award-winning chef and cookbook author, sometimes Atherton draws on others for inspiration. “I use cookbooks a lot,” he says. “Any chef who says they don’t is a liar. When I am struggling for inspiration, reading one sparks off things. The one I use the most is El Celler de Can Roca. It is a beautiful book to read.” Read more, including which ingredients he considers essential, at the  WSJ.

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