After 25 years, Food Arts says farewell

Food Arts magazine

It’s always sad to see a much-loved food publication come to an end. It seems to be happening with increasing frequency in the digital age, and the latest to fold is indexed magazine Food Arts. According to Inside Scoop SF, the magazine’s September issue is its swan song. There is no word yet on what will happen to its online recipe collection.

Created in 1989 by husband and wife team Michael and Ariane Batterberry, Food Arts was aimed at the fine-dining restaurant community and featured sumptuous photo spreads paired wtih in-depth recipe tutorials. (Former staffer Julie Mautner penned a touching tribute to Michael Batterberry after he passed away in 2010.)

The Food Arts Facebook page provides this simple farewell: “It is with great sadness that, after 25 years, we announce the closing of Food Arts magazine. We have loved working with everyone in the food industry-our writers, photographers, chefs, restaurateurs, hoteliers, and everyone else we’ve raised a glass with along the way. Thank you for all of your loyalty and support throughout the years. We wish you all the very best. Keep the kitchen fires burning!”

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  • sir_ken_g  on  September 16, 2014

    Never heard of it. Guess that says something.

  • hillsboroks  on  September 17, 2014

    A friend passed her copies of this magazine on to me for the past several years and it was a gorgeous magazine but it was aimed at a very exclusive professional audience and was obviously never meant for the home cook. The few recipes in each issue required exotic ingredients and a professional kitchen stocked with the latest gadgets as well as the knowledge and skill to use them. The ads showed fabulous dish ware, flatware,etc. but if you went to the advertisers website it quickly became clear that they were only marketing to large establishments. So I just browsed each issue for the fun of it and passed them on to someone else. It is sad to see something that was such a work of love and beauty come to an end.

  • Jane  on  September 17, 2014

    sir_ken_g – all the recipes we have indexed from Food Arts have Recipe Online links (not sure how long their website is remaining up though). Even if you never cook them they are worth checking out – the photography is gorgeous.

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