Hold the lettuce

Creamy cucumber avocado salad

How many times have you packed a salad full of leafy greens in your lunchbox only to discover a soggy mess at lunchtime, or decide that you needed something more substantial to satisfy your hunger? Indexed blog Food52 reminds us that there is a “whole world of lettuce-less salads out there, and they’re particularly exciting in spring. Crunchy, spear-able vegetables like snap peas and asparagus can be blanched at home, and dressing them ahead of time won’t lead to wilting.” It can be difficult to break out of the lettuce mindset, so Food52 guides you to some of their favorites:

But you don’t have to stop there. The EYB Library has thousands of leaf-free salads, featuring everything from Adzuki beans to zucchini. Here are a handful of the most popular lettuce-free salads available online in the EYB Library.

Photo of Creamy crunchy cucumber avocado salad courtesy of Food52

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  • Rinshin  on  June 18, 2014

    Since I come from Japanese background most vegetables/grains can be thought of as room temp salads brought to schools or work places as part of bento. It's hard for my husband to adjust to this though since his thoughts of salads always equal leafy greens.

  • Melanie  on  June 18, 2014

    Community is my new favourite salad book – lots of delicious, hearty and healthy salads – they also tend to hold up quite while as lunch for a few days. My lunch today is roast carrots and onion with za'atar, freekah and sauteed kale.


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