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Cookbooks may be at the heart of EYB, but we’re also very proud of our magazine collection. To date, we have over 1,500 issues indexed. That’s more than 84,000 magazine recipes43,000 of which also have online links. This week, we’re excited to share a recipe for Chocolate, Peanut Butter & Banana Pie with Candied Spicy Peanuts from our newest indexed publication, Food Arts Magazine. Food Arts is known for featuring recipes by world-famous chefs accompanied by gorgeous photography. You’ll find dishes by Alain Ducasse, Ferran Adrià, Daniel Boulud, David Kinch, René Redzepi, Edward Lee, Gabriel Rucker, and many more. We have a growing number of Food Arts back issues and online recipes you can add to your EYB Bookshelf, so make sure you take a look!

If you get the chance to make any of this week’s featured recipes, please share your experience with the EYB community by adding a Note to the recipe. Happy cooking and baking everyone!

From blogs & magazines:

2 recipes from 
New Covent Garden Soup Co. Soup & Beyond, indexed by one of our members

From AUS/NZ books:

9 recipes from Simply Good Food by Neil Perry

From US books:

8 recipes from The Big-Flavor Grill: No-Marinade, No-Hassle Recipes by Chris Schlesinger & John Willoughby

11 recipes from Home-Cooked Vegan Comfort Food by Celine Steen & 
Joni Marie Newman, indexed by an EYB member

7 recipes from Nuts in the Kitchen by Susan Herrmann Loomis


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