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Valentine cheesecake

Friday is Valentine’s Day, so if you haven’t yet planned the romantic dinner to sweep your significant other off his or her feet, you better start straight away. My romantic dinner will include a fried bologna sandwich (that’s what he wants) and red velvet cheesecake (that’s what I want).

So many Valentine’s Day recipes revolve around standbys like steak and chocolate, but I prefer less traditional fare. Lobster is standard Valentine’s Day fodder; why not try a sexy fish stew instead? Or you could make Rob’s seduction sole if stew doesn’t suit your fancy.

Roses are quintessentially romantic, but buying a dozen roses is trite. Instead, start your passionate evening with a Coming Up Roses cocktail. Then move on to tomato roses on a bed of cannellini bean puree or Persian stuffed dumpling squash with rose petals. Speaking of dumplings, Jamie Oliver’s love dumplings recipe certainly sounds cozy. 

If whimsy is your middle name, forego the steak and make a heart-shaped meatloaf. Or you can make the “Whale you be my Valentine?” cookies from Bakerella. And if you’re a fool for love, you can always make Valentine’s honey fools for your honey. 

Still undecided? Peruse hundreds of romantic recipes in the EYB library. I hope you’ll bee my valentine.

Bee my valentine cupcakes

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  • boardingace  on  February 10, 2014

    I love your creative ideas!

  • hillsboroks  on  February 11, 2014

    Several years ago I printed out a recipe from Bon Appetit for a Persian Love Cake. I haven't made it yet but I definitely think it meets the criteria for a romantic recipe. It is so pretty in the photo – a white cake flavored with lemon and cardamom, frosted with whipped cream flavored with rose water and topped with candied rose petals.

  • Queezle_Sister  on  February 12, 2014

    One year, for Valentine's day, I prepared a chocolate-and-roasted-beet-pudding-cake:

    It turned out so delicious, but my klutziness almost ruined it. My cup of ground up beets fell over, sending huge splashes of blood-like substance all over the kitchen. Thankfully I had plenty of beets, and a sense of humor.

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