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Everybody loves lists – if, for nothing else, than to disagree with them. So we wanted to present The Daily Meal’s Ten Best Magazines From Around the World as a topic of discussion (the list is, actually, only of 9 magazines). Of course, many might argue that internet recipes are eliminating the need for food magazines (Gourmet blamed the internet for its demise), but food magazines do present a great deal more than just recipes. And what the internet does do well is allow much greater access to global resources, which makes these more accessible. Further, many of us still travel and look to pick up some interesting reading.

According to the article, “For the most part, these publications have either paved the way for food and drink journalism in their respective countries, or are now part of a generation that is redefining what print food journalism looks (and feels) like in the digital age.”

Without further ado, for your consideration:


  • New Zealand: Cuisine (indexed on EYB)
  • Australia: Gourmet Traveller  (indexed on EYB)
  • Italy:  La Cucina Italiana – also has U.S., German, Dutch, and Czech versions. (The U.S. version is  indexed on EYB) .
  • United Kingdom:  BBC Good Food  (indexed on EYB)
  • Hong Kong & Macau: Crave
  • Canada: Acquired Taste
  • South Africa: Food & Home Entertaining
  • France:  Elle à Table (in French)
  • Germany:  Der Feinschmecker (in German)

 Check out the article for further descriptions.








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  • PatriciaScarpin  on  July 31, 2013

    I love Australian Gourmet, it's beautiful and the recipes are delicious (I've made several so far). But I think the title for best food mag in Australia should be shared with Donna Hay. They're both phenomenal.

  • IvyManning  on  July 31, 2013

    Nice to see your list here. Surprised Delicious UK or AU isn't on it, though!

  • FuzzyChef  on  August 4, 2013

    Two unrelated comments: (1) Nothing from the US? Saveur or Lucky Peach don't deserve a shout-out? Huh. (2) The Internet didn't kill Gourmet; declining quality killed Gourmet. Everybody in the publishing world who fails to adapt to changing tastes and address quality problems likes to blame the internet for their own failures.

  •  on  August 8, 2013

    I live in France and personally think French Saveurs is a better magazine than Elle à Table. Elle à Table, although beautiful, seems more commercial, more cliquish… while Saveur is totally focused on the food and perfect recipes (I make the recipes all the time). We find it more accessible, less gossipy. Just goes to prove that "best" is totally subjective. But I am wondering how one compares magazines like Food & Wine, Fine Cooking and Saveur to magazines such as Gastronomica and The Art of Eating, for example.

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