How to clean your coffee grinder

Coffee beans

The Chow has some very practical advice for anyone that loves to grind their own coffee beans – 4 Ways to Clean Your Coffee Grinder. After all, you can’t put the grinder in water.

The answer is very practical: “…grind something in the grinder that will absorb the oils and odors without adding any of its own.” Examples include instant rice, bread, kosher salt, and sugar. And here’s a second good piece of advice. While you can wipe the grinder with a wet paper towel to get rid of any of the residue, if you’re worried about any remaining odor try using a paper towel moistened with vinegar. 

And in case you’re tempted to interact with your coffee beans further, here’s a lesson from the Kitchn on How to Roast Your Own Coffee Beans.

Image by Alex Ragone on flickr

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