Potato chips taste test

Potato chips

To help with all your picnics and cookouts we thought it would be appropriate to highlight a recent taste test of potato chips that Serious Eats  conducted. They kept it plain and simple: “We kept our selection to chips that are widely available nationwide. No small boutique brands.  We were also after plain old potato chips, which means no flavors, no ruffles or ridges, and no thick-cut kettle-style chips.” 

It turns out that crispiness and saltiness carried the day. We don’t want to steal their thunder (hint: think Lay’s), so check out this link for all their results.

And in case these don’t quite hit the spot – or maybe you want something just a trifle bit healther for very little effort- here’s an online recipe for microwaveable sweet potato chips from the EYB library.

Photography courtesy of Robyn Lee

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