Woo-hoo! We now have over 100,000 online recipes


Today, we’re going to take a break in our regularly scheduled blog to pat ourselves on the back. Just this week, we’ve reached a monumental milestone – we now have over 100,000 online recipes!  Of those, almost 10,000 were added by our members  using the Bookmarklet feature (thank you, thank you); over 10,000 are from cookbooks; and 33,000 are from magazines.

By the way, If any of you don’t know about the bookmarklet feature, which is a great way to add favorite recipes from the net to your EYB library, here’s a written explanation of how to use one. Or, if you prefer visual instruction,  here’s an explanation in a brief video.

And, of course, we’d be totally remiss if we didn’t applaud all our members for supporting us while we reached this milestone and encouraging us to keep going. Today 100,000; tomorrow the world! 

Just Added on May 29:

To celebrate, we’re giving away three copies of the Vermont Farm Table Cookbook. Check out the full details here.

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  • GillB  on  May 10, 2013

    Yeah! Well done!!

  • miggsy  on  May 29, 2013

    I look forward to the heirloom tomato plants being for sale!

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