An homage to the artichoke

Artichoke in flower

Artichokes are among our favorite vegetables – on our first visit to Italy, it was so exciting to discover they actually put them on pizza! But given artichokes’ regionality and the challenge of eating them, many people avoid getting acquainted. So we wanted to give a shout out to this article from the L.A. Times: Let artichoke possibilities flower.

You may not want to prepare an all-artichoke dinner like the author, but he certainly highlights how many varied ways artichokes can be prepared. We particularly enjoyed the education in how to eat them raw, plus his advice on how to buy artichokes relatively inexpensively.

And for anyone who isn’t comfortable preparing an artichoke, here’s a selection of videos that will explain everything.

Finally, we’re not certain that many people have seen an artichoke in full-flower, so we decided to use one as the accompanying photo. Hope you enjoy it.

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