The most beautiful corn in the world

Meet glass gem corn, a throw back to corn in its original state, when it had multi-colored kernels. This corn was the result of some fortuitious maintenance of heirloom seeds, and can be bought at the Seeds Trust Institute (though there is a waiting list until August). Unfortunately, though, it is not as good as it looks - in fact,… read more

New Modernist Cuisine volume to be targeted for the home cook

The Eater has an indepth interview with Nathan Myhrvold, one of the authors of Modernist Cuisine, the 6-volume guide to scientific cuisine published last year. Myhrvold just announced that, in the fall, he will be publishing the one-volume Modernist Cuisine at Home. He describes the idea behind the book as "let's approach modernist cuisine - the topic - with a big constraint.… read more

Bourdain and Lawson are the new odd couple

Via the Eater, ABC has just announced a new competition cooking show for the fall starring a real odd couple - Anthony Bourdain and Nigella Lawson. And here's the best part - if you think you're a good cook, you can be a part of it. The competitor casting calls are now open: "Do you sizzle in the kitchen and… read more

Outrageous cookbook covers

We all know the old saying, there's no bad publicity - but is that true of cookbook covers? The Mercury News has compiled a list of 10 cookbooks that beg the question, "Would you buy this?" At the very least, you'll notice them when browsing in a bookstore or at Amazon. But do they turn you off or turn you… read more

New healthy food app for kids gets over 1 million downloads

As anyone with an iPhone or iPad knows, the number of available apps is staggering. So when one breaks through, it receives a lot of publicity. And recently we noticed one app that's creating quite a stir and earning rave reviews. Designed by the Fun Machine in coordination with Whole Kids, (the Whole Foods' foundation that encourages healthy eating in… read more

Don’t feel bad about hating cilantro

Do you really dislike cilantro, or know of someone who does? Cilantro seems to be increasingly popular in today's recipes, not only in Tex-Mex food, but expanding across all cultural boundaries. In fact, many people love it so much they routinely substitute cilantro for parsley. Yet some people truly dislike cilantro - claiming it tastes of soap and worse. The… read more

The perfect pineapple upside-down cake, plus…

Combining two blogs today, we first present America's Test Kitchen's recipe for perfect pineapple upside-down cake. Among the keys to the recipe is how to ensure perfect unmolding plus how to keep the pineapple pieces securely in place once unmolded. And the recipe comes with instructions on how to substitute peaches or nectarines for the pineapple. Our second reference is… read more

The end of baking season?

It started happening last week already.  I'd planned to bake a couple loaves of bread for sandwiches.  But around mid-morning, when I got around to pulling down the flour and finding the yeast, it was already muggy and still and shaping up to head toward 85 degrees.  I looked at the oven.  The oven looked at me.  We agreed to… read more

Cooking through every issue of Gourmet

Remember Julie and Julia? Where Julie Powell cooked every recipe in Julia Child's Mastering the Art of French Cooking? In their blog The Way We Ate, two New York photographers are pursuing a similar goal with all the back issues of Gourmet Magazine. However, rather than blogging about the recipes, they're cooking the dishes and recording them in photos. In addition… read more

Julia Child’s top 100 recipes

Like many food-related sites, Food Republic is celebrating Julia Child's upcoming 100th birthday with celebratory articles. We thought this effort -- asking a group of top food people, including Amanda Hesser, chefs Thomas Keller and Jacques Pepin, and Ruth Reichl, to select their favorites from Julia's recipes - was particularly stimulating. The list is fascinating, whether you're looking for new recipe ideas, old… read more

Recipes worthy of a diamond jubilee

This weekend marks  Queen Elizabeth II's Diamond Jubilee, celebrating her 60th year as the constitutional monarch of England. In honor of the occasion, the Braiser has gathered recipes from 5 distinguished British chefs that were designed to celebrate this amazing accomplishment - only the second Diamond Jubilee ever celebrated, Queen Victoria having celebrated the first. Strawberries come to the forefront in… read more
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