Good luck meals for the new year

Hopin John

One of our favorite blogs, Sandy’s Chatter, has a fun entry today. She takes a global survey of good luck meals that people cook to start the new year. We were aware of the classic Southern good luck dish with black-eyed peas (Hoppin’ John), but we didn’t know that one reason for this choice – and a common theme shared with other good luck foods – is that peas are round, symbolizing the end of the old year. If you don’t have a good Hoppin’ John recipe, but want to start the tradition, here are some online recipes that the EYB library has sorted by buzz. We thought this one by Michael Ruhlman looked especially tasty.

Another common theme she notes is pork, “You might wonder how the pig became associated with the concept of good luck but in Europe during medieval times, wild boars were caught in the forests and killed on the first day of the year.  Since pigs are associated with plumpness and getting plenty to eat, it might be one explanation for having pork on New Year’s Day.”

Take a look at more of Sandy’s survey at New Year’s Eve and New Year’s Day Meals for Good Luck! to see if she hits on your heritage – whether it be fish, turkey, or even Japanese noodles. And make sure you have 12 raisins to eat at midnight, to bring in good luck with each new month.

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