Well-meaning but disastrous kitchen experiments

exploding kitchen

The Guardian has an amusing story this week, When kitchen experiments go wrong. It’s an equal-opportunity article, since it includes a number of stories about well-known chefs, male and female, as well as home cooks. As they write, “It’s when we tend to make the most effort in feeding our loved ones, and beyond the perils of the still-frozen turkey or the Christmas pudding that explodes in the microwave, there is the added danger of just trying too damn hard.”

Among our favorite stories is this one about the chocolate digestive curry: “My own father retired in 2011 and over the past year has grown incredibly enthusiastic about cooking. Recently, when I popped over to visit my parents, Dad decided to reheat the leftover curries from the night before. In a spirit of thrift he decided to toss in the cooked bacon that wasn’t eaten at breakfast, and the black pudding, and the fried egg. Not content with this masochistic approach to clearing out the fridge, he finished off his creation with three crumbled chocolate digestives that had been hanging out in the biscuit barrel for longer than he deemed appropriate. I’ve never missed my mother’s cooking so much.”

There are a number more – enjoy!

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