Why we eat what we eat – a new blog presents a unique viewpoint

American Food Roots group

In a recent Huff Post Food blog, Why I Don’t Read Your Damn Food Blog, Stephanie Stiavetti details quite clearly what makes a bad food blog. What made this article particularly interesting was to compare the faults she lists (poor writing, too much advertising, bad photography, uninteresting writing) with a new food blog that we ran across recently and, frankly, fell in love with.

American Food Roots is a new blog started by four experienced journalists (NPR, Washington Post, New York Times, Gourmet) who share a common passion – as they write, “American Food Roots addresses the question: “Why do we eat what we eat?” The answer depends, of course, on where you live, where you used to live, where your grandparents lived. Then there are the ebbs and flows of our status as an agricultural nation. Don’t forget politics, religion and fashion. It’s all there on the American plate.”

So while this is a personal blog, as all good blogs should be, it’s also a professionally designed, written, and edited blog, with great stories, recipes, and history. It has a number of fascinating features, including one I’ve never seen anywhere else. It’s a map of the United States, and when you click on any section the map will bring up flavors and food history that characterize that state. We put it to the test with a tough state – Nevada. And it did indeed find more than just Las Vegas to talk about – did you know that Basques had settled nothern Nevada?

So for our gift to you this holiday, check out American Food Roots – comfort cuisine never felt warmer.

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