Determining the best Pepperidge Farm cookie

Geneva cookie

We’re sure that many of you (esp. those whose mothers didn’t bake) regard Pepperidge Farm cookies with a certain nostalgia. While a daily store-bought cookie might have been Chips Ahoy or Oreos, Pepperidge Farm cookies were always just a cut above. More elegant names (Tahiti, Milanos), more elegant packaging, even more elegant looks. With Pepperidge Farm’s 75th birthday, Serious Eats took on the daunting challenge of reviewing every single cookie that they make, looking at the four categories of Pepperidge Farm cookies:

  • the 7 Distinctive types (Brussels, Bordeaux, Tahiti, Chessman, Verona (2), and Geneva);
  • the 5 Homestyle types (Gingerman, Lemon, Sugar, Shortbread, and Coconut)
  • the 12 Milanos; and 
  • the 12 Big Cookies (soft-baked, chunk)

We have to admit to a preference for the Bordeaux and the Mint Milano – feel free to note your favorites, as well.

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