“Shades of Grey” inspired food

50 Shades of Grey cookies

Huff Post Food has an article titled, “‘Fifty Shades of Grey’-Themed Cooking Class Has Us Cringing” that also left us a bit disconcerted. In particular, it was the part about the mother-daughter duos that attended this class in a California strip mall. We appreciate that cooking and food should  bring families together, and we do see the humor in it (we think), but it still seems to make a mockery of what most of us try to achieve in the kitchen.

Here are some descriptions of the food – “There were Playroom Pretzel Ropes, Bondage Wrapped Shrimp with Vanilla Bean Citrus Beurre Blanc and, for dessert, a martini called The Flogger.  Each glass of the concoction made with chocolate vodka and Häagen-Dazs vanilla ice cream was garnished with a shortbread cookie in the shape of a tiny, multi-tailed whip; Horn ran the dough through a garlic press to get the strands just so.”

We appreciate that Shades of Grey is a true phenomenon and it was inevitable that it would spread to the food arena – as further evidenced by these desserts inspired by the book and illustrated on BuzzFeed – but we think we’ll keep our cookies wholesome, thanks.






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