Fall cookbook preview – here’s what’s coming

Eater has a two-part series on cookbooks to be published this fall – just in time to be added to holiday gift lists. They list numerous books in several categories, as either featured or honorable mentions. The categories include: Chef’s, Restaurants, & Other Famous Food Folks; Pastries, Bakeries, Sweets; American Regional; International; Booze; Famous Cookbook Authors; Television;  Magazines, Newspapers, & Websites; the Blogs; Single Subjects; Meat; Vegetarian & Vegan; Memoirs, Histories, & Other Non-Fiction; and General/Misc. It’s a very comprehensive list.

Here’s their introduction – we hope you’ll find a few treasures to add to your libraries here at EYB:

“So what’s new for Fall? The big news is pastry chefs are getting their due: not only is Thomas Keller releasing a stunning Bouchon Bakery cookbook, co-written by pastry chef Sebastien Rouxel, but there are also books coming out by Hedy Goldsmith of Michael’s Genuine Food & Drink in Miami/Grand Cayman,Dahlia Bakery in Seattle, Brooklyn’s Liddabit and Baked bakeries, and many, many more. Hope you have a sweet tooth.

American regional cookbooks continue to branch out beyond the South with not one but two books on the food of Portland, Oregon, many books on West Coast food, a book on Montana ranch food, and even a book on Chinese food in Minnesota since the 19th century. As for international trends, look for books on Southeast Asian cuisine (Charles Phan’s Vietnamese Home Cooking, Naomi Duguid’s stellar Burma) and lots of books about Northern African and Middle Eastern food.

And as for design trends, again there are bunches of jacketless cookbookswith super matte photos – which unfortunately often has the effect of making photos look dull and even blurry instead of edgy. Just a little gloss, please? Also, there are a whopping eight cookbooks with exclamation marks in the titles  (so you know people are super excited about them) and several books with black backgrounds. The chalkboard restaurant trend has made it to the printed page.

And now, without further ado, on to this year’s crop of Fall cookbooks.

Fall cookbook preview



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