How to use up half-filled pantry and refrigerator items

Messy kitchenOver at The Kitchn they have a very useful blog on 21 Creative Ways to Use Up Pantry and Cooking Staples. As they write: “Do you have a few almost-empty jars in your pantry? Some half-full containers in your fridge? Curious what to do with those crumbled tortilla chips or that bowl of egg whites? What about creative ways to use pickle juice, or what to do with packets of powdered hot chocolate? Before you throw them away, take a look through this list: there are a few handy tips to help you clean out and eat up!”

We particularly liked all the creative ways they had to use up marmalade, tahini, and broken tortilla chips. but there are gems in all the selections. And don’t forget to check out the comments — there are some especially good ideas there as well. 

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