15 need-to-know tomato tips

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For those of us in the summer months, fresh tomatoes are at their peak – making this article from The Kitchn, “15 Tips to Help You Get the Most Out of Your Tomatoes” particularly timely. Here’s their list, we hope you find something new:

  1.  The best place to store tomatoes to keep them fresh and juicy.
  2. How to store leftover tomato slices.
  3. Got cherry tomatoes? Here’s how to cut a lot of cherry tomatoes in half all at once.
  4. The best kind of knife for slicing tomatoes.
  5. How to ripen still-green tomatoes.
  6. Love green tomatoes? Here are some recipes for green tomatoes.
  7. The best tool for crushing tomatoes – you almost certainly have one already!
  8. The scientific reason why conventional tomatoes are often so tasteless. Buy heirloom!
  9. Tips for making the best tomato sauce you’ve ever had.
  10. A great way to preserve tomatoes for sauce: Freeze them!
  11. Why a wide pan is best for making tomato sauce.
  12. Broiled, roasted tomatoes:  Here’s how to roast tomatoes under the broiler.
  13. Tips and encouragement to help you can tomatoes this summer.
  14. Peeling tomatoes?  Freeze them first to make peeling them a snap.
  15. How to identify real San Marzano tomatoes.

And don’t forget how easy it is to find recipes at EYB, whether in your cookbooks, magazines, or on line. Here’s a game plan to walk you through some of your options if you’re looking to use those tomatoes:

  • Go to our Library
  • On the top tab, click Recipes
  • In the right hand box, under “Only show” find tomatoes (they’re in “vegetables” under “salad”) – and yes, we know that tomatoes are a  fruit!
  • This will bring up over 60,000 recipes with tomatoes as an ingredient. 
  • In the box to the right, you can further sort the results by author, date, etc. (we like “buzz” or “rating” as that brings up talked about or highly rated recipes).
  • Finally, you can filter by book, online, or magazine recipes.

We hope this gets your creative juices flowing –  and teaches you how to get even more out of your EYB membership. Bon appétit!

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