Quick tip: Feta cheese lasts forever and is a great recipe enhancer

Broccoli PastaTheKitchn has a wonderful quick tip regarding Feta cheese, certainly one of the most underrated cheeses. As they write, “One cheese I always try to keep in the refrigerator is feta, and the most important reason for this is taste. Feta is a complex cheese that manages to be rich and creamy but also tangy and bright. It has much more character than other creamy cheeses, so on taste alone it wins my heart. But there is one other reason why feta should have a permanent place on your refrigerator’s shelves: how long it lasts!” Indeed, we’re talking about months in the refrigerator.

This short blog has links to recipes as well as a longer informative blog all about feta, which also includes more tips on to add a little kick with feta – one of our favorites is to grill zucchini and add some feta and mint on top. If you don’t know feta, here’s an easy way to learn how to welcome it into your kitchen.

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  • Jane  on  July 19, 2012

    Ooh, I like the sound of zucchini with feta and mint on top. I always have those ingredients in the house. My favorite ways to use feta for a quick lunch are either crumbled up with chopped grape tomatoes and black olives with a dressing over salad leaves. Or in a 2-egg omelet with defrosted chopped spinach (well drained). You always have a decent meal with feta in the fridge.

  • srushton  on  July 20, 2012

    I always have feta in my refrigerator for the same reasons. And often I have more than one, made with goats' milk, sheep's milk and normal cow. So many recipes can be brightened with feta!

  • wester  on  July 20, 2012

    I do love feta. I always have a some canned feta in brine in the fridge – good quality and it stays fresh even longer. I don't know I you have it in the USA though.
    I had some today, in fact, in Smitten Kitchen's pasta with cauliflower walnuts and feta http://smittenkitchen.com/2008/03/pasta-with-cauliflower-walnuts-and-feta/ Lovely!

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