Four fresh corn tips

Freshly picked corn
We have four fresh corn tips today. The first, from the Washington Post, gives a solution to the husking/silk issue. Microwave, cut the husk end off, and shake the corn out of the husk, leaving behind the silk. The tip comes complete with a You Tube video demonstrating the process. And – as an added bonus – according to some comments, the corn tastes better as it includes the floral flavor from the husk.

From America’s Test Kitchen Feed, we have three more corn tips: buttering corn and bread at the same time, using a corkscrew to bore a hole in the middle of corn chucks for a kebab skewer, and how to corral fresh corn kernels when slicing them off the cob.

And, finally, from our library search process, here are 995 online recipes to help you use those corn kernels. Enjoy!

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