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Cooking Light has a thought-provoking new series going on, gathered under the name The Cookbook Awards. Starting last November, each month they’ve been announcing the best cookbooks of the last 25 years in 15 categories. The series ends in May 2013. The most recent collection is American, here’s the full list:


They also note that this is a series not just for people looking for light cooking, “One note about health: There is a healthy-books category (to be revealed in January), but we did not apply a health lens when judging other categories. Almost all cookbooks can be incorporated into a healthy diet by a judicious cook.”

And please remember, as you find intriguing cookbooks in one of these lists or anywhere, that we have a lot of valuable information about cookbooks here on the EYB site. You can see ratings from our knowledgeable membership, note how many EYB members own the book, view a list of recipes from the indexed books, and there’s also a handy box to allow you to directly buy the book from our site. Just list the name of the book in our Library – with our collection of over 100,000 books listed it’s a valuable resource.

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