Pesto bliss

Pesto in food processor
The New York Times recently profiled the owners of Buddhapesto – an artisanal company in New York’s Hudson River Valley that has perfected a pesto inspiring intense devotion, selling out the 3,000 containers the owner makes a month using just home food processors. As well as the interesting profile of the woman who has devoted years to perfecting basil (and no, she’s not Italian but rather of Colombian and Mexican-Indian extraction), the article has several crucial bits of advice, including her key ingredients (she doesn’t use Parmesan) and special techniques (how to listen for the perfect shut-off moment).

She doesn’t share her recipe however, but if you like pesto this article is well worth reading for hints on how to perfect your current recipe. And if you don’t have a recipe, here’s a selection from EYB’s resource library of online pesto recipes to choose from. 

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