The Perfect Cookie? Almost…

In the interests of journalistic accuracy and community service, we wanted to share Michael Ruhlman’s corrected recipe for Snickerdoodles from his recent award-winning book, Ruhlman’s Twenty. Apparently the first printing, which sold out almost immediately, had an erroneous amount of sugar (2x as much) in the Snickerdoodle cookies. The recipe was fixed in subsequent printings.

Ruhlman writes about his cookie, “It is the perfect cookie, when you put the right amount of sugar in. Simple as can be, with crisp edges, crunchy exterior and a slightly chewy interior, sweet and sweetly spiced. For an easy afternoon snack for the kids (these are great milk-dipping cookies), this is a quick fix.” 

If you have the book, we’ve indexed it here. Or if you don’t, and want to, use the same link to buy it (we have purchase links for all our books).  And please make the Snickerdoodle – we’d love to know if this is, indeed, the perfect cookie.


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