New blog focuses on celebrity chefs

The Braiser
A new blog, The Braiser, promises to bring a behind-the-scenes approach to the lives of celebrity chefs and those who support them. With an approach that looks to be a combination of People Magazine, the Buzz, and The Sun, the editor states as The Braiser’s purpose, “to bring the personalities behind the food you eat and love (or hate!) to the forefront,” as well as to “relish (ha) the opportunity to hold some of the biggest egos around accountable.”

And the inaugural articles certainly bear out this promise. Here are three articles currently on the front page: The 13 Most Infamous Celebrity Feuds, A Brief History of Celebrity Chefs, 1577 – present, and Anthony Bourdain on Why the Best Celebrity Chefs Just ‘Don’t Give a F*ck.‘ Will this blog make Anthony Bourdain the next Kim Kardashian? The mind boggles.

And while contemplating that thought, we also thought we’d mention that EYB has now indexed 30 blogs, and more are coming continuously.

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