Useful kitchen tips you may not know

AvocadosCollections of kitchen tips are always popular – many cooking magazines run pages of them in every issue. But with that kind of demand some tips become rather esoteric and deal with obscure problems. We prefer easy tips that deal with everyday issues — like spraying measuring spoons and cups with nonstick spraying oil before measuring out sticky items like honey (and, even better, put the spoons and cups on the open door of your dishwasher before you spray so you don’t even have to wipe excess spray off a  counter).

Given this preference for the practical, we found this short list from The Feed of 5 Easy Prep Tips Every Self-Respecting Cook Should Know rather refreshing, especially the advice on how to determine when butter is just the right temperature to use for baking – without using a thermometer.

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  • wester  on  April 26, 2012

    I liked the tip for removing pinbones. Will try that soon.

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