Add Recipes from any* food website to your Bookshelf!

Few people source their recipes from just one place. We’re spoilt for choice these days with great cookbooks, enticing magazines, those wonderful recipes friends pass on to us, and who hasn’t seen a recipe on a website that they’d love to cook one day. Keeping track of all your recipes from all these sources is now possible – you can have them all on your EYB Bookshelf.

We have just launched the EYB Bookmarket, which will help you organize and find online recipes. You’ll find it on your Home page and it’s a very simple process to install it on your Favorites Toolbar. Just drag and drop it!

Once installed you click on it every time you see a recipe that you’d like to add to your Bookshelf. Once saved, the Recipe will be added to your Bookshelf and the EYB Library for other members to access.

Recipe Bookmarket


We bring across as much information as we can, including an image if possible. Every website has different formats, so this varies from one to another.

The more complete and accurate you are with your indexing the more useful it is to you and other members. For more information see How do I add a Recipe from a food website to my Bookshelf?

*  We do exclude links to recipe aggregator sites; sites accessed only through membership and home cook recipes sites.  If you’re not able to add a recipe from one of these sites, using the Bookmarklet, you can still add details of the recipe using the Personal Recipes feature.


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  • jpeek  on  April 19, 2012

    From a web developer stand point, any tips on structuring the recipe information into a format that transfers into the bookmarklet as accurately as possible? I'm doing work on a few cooking/recipe blogs and be good to have the data as transferrable as possible if someone adds to EYB.

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