Two tips: Storing cut avocados and substituting parsleys

Cut avocado

Here are two helpful tips for the kitchen. First up, what to do when you have leftover avocado. Avocados are double trouble – they’re expensive to start with, and then are problematic to store as they brown so easily. The ideas of: a) keeping the pit in while storing, and b) sprinkling a little lemon juice over the cut portion have been kicking around for awhile. This video has a new answer – store the half avocado with the pit inside but, in addition, store a little red onion with it. The sulfuric acid given off by the onion should be more effective than lemon’s citric acid in preventing browning.

The Kitchn contributes our second tip – discussing whether  curly and Italian (flat-leaf) parsley are interchangeable. Traditionally, curly parsley is reputed to have little flavor and therefore is only appropriate for garnishing; Italian or flat-leaf parsley is the parsley to use for flavor. However, as the article explains, “ it really depends on the particular plant, its growing conditions, and age. Both kinds of parsley may be used in cooking and when substituting one for the other, taste to determine the flavor and adjust as desired. Think, too, about the texture that would work best in your dish.”

And, of course, it wouldn’t be appropriate to describe these tips without some recipes to allow testing. From the EYB library, here are online recipes – sorted by buzz – using avocados, and another set using parsley. Enjoy!

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